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GKC Management Services Pvt. Ltd., (GKCM) provides backend services for Banking Retail Business for over 23 years and have expertise in handling processes related to Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Business Loans and Mortgage Loans.

Our backend services are as under:

  1. Fraud Control Activities: Document verification for Income Tax Returns, Form 16, Salary Certificates, Bank Statements and Loan Track Checking etc.
    Over 15000 documents per month are being verified for Multinational banks and NBFCs. Providing of Sampler's, DSA checks, seeding and collection agency audits etc.
  2. Credit Appraisal and Face to Face Interview (Personal Discussion): Our agents meet with customers to assess their credit worthiness and assist banks in making reasoned credit decisions.
    These services at (i) and (ii) above are being provided to banks and NBFCs.
  3. Profile Verifications: are undertaken for verification of residence and office of customers.
  4. End Use Monitoring Audits for Banks: In this process End Use of Loans given are verified with documents.
  5. Secretarial Services through our ROC divisions: Services include detailed verifications, preparation of reports providing details of shareholders, directors, charges created on a company and financials filed with the Registrar of Companies.
    We also assist in Charge Creation (Form CHG-1) and representation to RD/NCLT on matters pertaining to delay in charge creations.
    Our clients include banks and NBFCs.
  6. Our Central Processing Unit undertakes file processing activities right from login of files up to disbursal.
    We have rendered services to GE Money PL & RLP(Pan India), GE Money Consumer Loans, banks and NBFCs etc.
  7. Customer Personal Verification including Residence, Office and Employment verification for new employees which we are doing for banks and NBFCs
  8. Other Allied Services include post disbursal documents / cheques handling pick up from the customer to the lender, property documents pick up from the builder to the lender, Bank Draft pick up from lender to builder.
  9. HR Services: include Administration of Human Resources, Provident Fund and Formation of Trust etc. specific to the field of HR (include Payroll Administration and management of Provident Fund for exempted and un-exempted establishments, Gratuity Fund, Superannuation Fund, ESI, EDLI, Contract Labour Regulation and other ancillary related fields).
    Our clients include Gillette India Limited, Timex Group Watches, NIIT Group, Reliance HR Services Limited, DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Private Limited, Baxter India Private Limited, JC Penny Purchasing Private Limited, Grow Talent Company Limited and DS Group.

We can provide the above professional services to the following portfolios:

  • Risk Containment Unit
  • Liquid Income Program or any other Personal discussion (PD) activities.
  • Profiling and Verification for Loans and Cards.
  • Collections/Recoveries for Loans/Cards.This CMS has been designed by a team of highly trained professional.

GKC Management Services PVT. LTD.

L-2A, Hauz Khas Enclave New Delhi - 110016 (India)
Phone: +91 (011) 2696 2982, +91 (011) 2656 2790,

Email: gkcm.co.in@gmail.com, info@gkcm.co.in

web.: www.gkcm.co.in